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Jennifer Government

In Max Barry s twisted hilarious and terrifying vision of the near future the world is run by giant corporations and employees take the last names of the companies they work for It s a globalised ultra capitalist free market paradise Hack Nike is a lowly merchandising officer who s not very good at negotiating his salary So when John Nike and John Nike executives from the promised land of Marketing offer him a contract he signs without reading it Unfortunately Hack s new contract involves shooting teenagers to build up street cred for Nike s new line of trainers Hack goes to the police but they assume that he s asking for a subcontracting deal and lease the assassination to the more experienced NRA Enter Jennifer Government a tough talking agent with a barcode tattoo under her eye and a personal problem with John Nike the boss of the other John Nike And a gun Hack is about to find out what it really means to mess with market forces

Second Treatise of Government

The i Second Treatise i is one of the most important political treatises ever written and one of the most far reaching in its influence br In his provocative page introduction to this edition the late eminent political theorist C B Macpherson examines Locke s arguments for limited conditional government private property and right of revolution and suggests reasons for the appeal of these arguments in Locke s time and since

Two Treatises of Government

This presentation discusses the life of John Locke the evolution of his ideas and the political conflicts in th Century England which led to the writing of Two Treatises of Government The famous Second Treatise which contains Locke s central ideas on rights government and revolution is examined in detail Special attention is given to Locke s theory of private property which has influenced law and government for over two centuries

Government Beers

How do you hide a brewery in a government proposal br br So let me get this straight You re a rocket scientist who runs a satellite program for NASA who also works on race cars starts charitable foundations volunteers to keep score for the York River Tsunamis and runs a brewery Is there anything else you do asked Wendy wanting to get her facts straight br br I write Haikus responded Gordon And the brewery part needs some caveats br br GORDON MILLER gets caught up in a vortex of circumstance as he becomes the accidental program manager of a person program with unread specifications for a microbrewery A personal journey through the US Constitution consumes him as he tries to understand big government and wasteful bureaucracies The story takes place at NASA Langley Research Center and surrounding historical areas of Hampton Roads Virginia The quirky character crew has idiosyncrasies that include thinking in haiku poems chiropractic dependencies and time travel obsession Fighter jets from Langley Air Force Base and race cars at Langley Speedway frame the story as the plot dilemma becomes the rationalization and discovery of government funded beers used to help WESLEY LARKIN an endearing year old with cancer who is fighting for his life

A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

i A Power Governments Cannot Suppress i is a major new collection of essays on American history class immigration justice and ordinary citizens who have made a difference Zinn addresses America s current political ethical crisis using lessons learned from our nation s history Zinn brings a profoundly human yet uniquely American perspective to each subject he writes about whether it s the abolition of war terrorism the Founding Fathers the Holocaust defending the rights of immigrants or personal liberties Written in an accessible personal tone Zinn approaches the telling of U S history from an active engaged point of view America s future is linked to how we understand our past writes Zinn For this reason writing about history for me is never a neutral act br br Zinn frames the book with an opening essay titled If History is to be Creative a reflection on the role and responsibility of the historian To think that history writing must aim simply to recapitulate the failures that dominate the past writes Zinn is to make historians collaborators in an endless cycle of defeat If history is to be creative to anticipate a possible future without denying the past it should I believe emphasize new possibilities by disclosing those hidden episodes of the past when even if in brief flashes people showed their ability to resist to join together and occasionally win I am supposing or perhaps only hoping that our future may be found in the past s fugitive moments of compassion rather than in its solid centuries of warfare br br Buzzing with stories and ideas Zinn draws upon fascinating little known historical anecdotes spanning from the Declaration of Independence to the USA PATRIOT Act to comment on the most controversial issues facing us today government dishonesty how to respond to terrorism the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the loss of our liberties immigration and the responsibility of the citizen to confront power for the common good br br Considered a modern day Thoreau by Jonathon Kozol Zinn s inspired writings address the reader as an active participant in history making We live in a beautiful country writes Zinn in the book s opening chapter But people who have no respect for human life freedom or justice have taken it over It is now up to all of us to take it back br br Featuring essays penned over an eight year period A Power Governments Cannot Suppress is Howard Zinn s first writerly work in several years an invaluable post era addition to the themes that run through his bestselling classic A People s History Of the United States br br Howard Zinn is a veteran of World War II and author of many books and plays including the million selling classic A People s History of the United States br br Thank you Howard Zinn Thank you for telling us what none of our leaders are willing to The truth And you tell it with such brilliance such humanity It is a personal honor to be able to say I am a better citizen because of you Michael Moore director of the film Fahrenheit and author of the New York Times bestseller Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation br br Find here the voice of the well educated and honorable and capable and human United States of America which might have existed if only absolute power had not corrupted its third rate leaders so absolutely Kurt Vonnegut author of A Man Without a Country

Why Government Is the Problem

Friedman discusses a government system that is no longer controlled by we the people Instead of Lincoln s government of the people by the people and for the people we now have a government of the people by the bureaucrats for the bureaucrats including the elected representatives who have become bureaucrats

Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy

President Bill Clinton gives us his views on the challenges facing the United States today and why government matters presenting his ideas on restoring economic growth job creation financial responsibility resolving the mortgage crisis and pursuing a strategy to get us back in the future business He explains how we got into the current economic crisis and offers specific recommendations on how we can put people back to work increase bank lending and corporate investment double our exports restore our manufacturing base and create new businesses He supports President Obama s emphasis on green technology saying that changing the way we produce and consume energy is the strategy most likely to spark a fast growing economy while enhancing our national security br br Clinton also stresses that we need a strong private sector and a smart government working together to restore prosperity and progress demonstrating that whenever we ve given in to the temptation to blame government for all our problems we ve lost our ability to produce sustained economic growth and shared prosperity br br Clinton writes There is simply no evidence that we can succeed in the twenty first century with an antigovernment strategy based on a philosophy grounded in you re on your own rather than we re all in this together He believes that conflict between government and the private sector has proved to be good politics but has produced bad policies giving us a weak economy with not enough jobs growing income inequality and poverty and a decline in our competitive position In the real world cooperation works much better than conflict and Americans need victories in real life

The Common-Vvealth of Utopia: Containing a Learned and Pleasant Discourse of the Best State of a Publike Weale, as It Is Found in the Government of the New Ile Called Vtopia

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it This work was reproduced from the original artifact and remains as true to the original work as possible Therefore you will see the original copyright references library stamps as most of these works have been housed in our most important libraries around the world and other notations in the work This work is in the public domain in the United States of America and possibly other nations Within the United States you may freely copy and distribute this work as no entity individual or corporate has a copyright on the body of the work As a reproduction of a historical artifact this work may contain missing or blurred pages poor pictures errant marks etc Scholars believe and we concur that this work is important enough to be preserved reproduced and made generally available to the public We appreciate your support of the preservation process and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant

The Proper Role of Government

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Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine

i New York Times i bestselling author and popular radio and television host Glenn Beck revisits Thomas Paine s i Common Sense i br br In any era great Americans inspire us to reach our full potential They know with conviction what they believe within themselves They understand that all actions have consequences And they find commonsense solutions to the nation s problems br br One such American Thomas Paine was an ordinary man who changed the course of history by penning Common Sense the concise masterpiece in which through extraordinarily straightforward and indisputable arguments he encouraged his fellow citizens to take control of America s future and ultimately her freedom br br Nearly two and a half centuries later those very freedoms once again hang in the balance And now Glenn Beck revisits Paine s powerful treatise with one purpose to galvanize Americans to see past government s easy solutions two party monopoly and illogical methods and take back our great country

Parliament of Whores: A Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire U.S. Government

Called an everyman s guide to Washington The New York Times P J O Rourke s savagely funny and national best seller Parliament of Whores has become a classic in understanding the workings of the American political system Originally written at the end of the Reagan era this new edition includes an extensive foreword by the renowned political writer Andrew Ferguson showing us that although the names and the players have changed the game is still the same Parliament of Whores is an exuberant broken field run through the ethical foibles pork barrel flimflam and bureaucratic bullrorfle inside the Beltway that leaves no sacred cow unskewered and no politically correct sensitivities unscorched

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

In this groundbreaking history of the modern American metropolis Richard Rothstein a leading authority on housing policy explodes the myth that America s cities came to be racially divided through i de facto i segregation that is through individual prejudices income differences or the actions of private institutions like banks and real estate agencies Rather i The Color of Law i incontrovertibly makes clear that it was i de jure i segregation the laws and policy decisions passed by local state and federal governments that actually promoted the discriminatory patterns that continue to this day br br Through extraordinary revelations and extensive research that Ta Nehisi Coates has lauded as brilliant i The Atlantic i Rothstein comes to chronicle nothing less than an untold story that begins in the s showing how this process of em de jure em segregation began with explicit racial zoning as millions of African Americans moved in a great historical migration from the south to the north br br As Jane Jacobs established in her classic i The Death and Life of Great American Cities i it was the deeply flawed urban planning of the s that created many of the impoverished neighborhoods we know Now Rothstein expands our understanding of this history showing how government policies led to the creation of officially segregated public housing and the demolition of previously integrated neighborhoods While urban areas rapidly deteriorated the great American suburbanization of the post World War II years was spurred on by federal subsidies for builders on the condition that no homes be sold to African Americans Finally Rothstein shows how police and prosecutors brutally upheld these standards by supporting violent resistance to black families in white neighborhoods br br The Fair Housing Act of prohibited future discrimination but did nothing to reverse residential patterns that had become deeply embedded Yet recent outbursts of violence in cities like Baltimore Ferguson and Minneapolis show us precisely how the legacy of these earlier eras contributes to persistent racial unrest The American landscape will never look the same to readers of this important book Sherrilyn Ifill president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund as Rothstein s invaluable examination shows that only by relearning this history can we finally pave the way for the nation to remedy its unconstitutional past

Politics: A Treatise on Government

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

Kidnapped (The Infinitum Government, #1)

i Infinitum Government Code Genetic Experimentation Shall Be Strictly Forbidden i br br No job is more arduous than that of Rehab Guard those appointed to guard the many and varied prisoners within the Infinitum Government the ruling power of a vast interplanetary alliance To be a Rehab Guard requires very specific qualifications and years of specialized training It is brutal dangerous and often thankless job and there is nowhere else Sean would rather be It keeps him safe his deadly secret safely buried and gives him a life as close to normal as he will ever come br br Until the day new prisoner arrives a genetically engineered Draconis with the ability to match to a suitable magics capable individual and boost his power Convicted of murder he is sentenced to Rehab for life and no one has ever escaped from Rehab But no one counted on the prisoner matching with Sean who as a human should not be capable of magics

Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market: Government and Economy

Murray N Rothbard s great treatise i Man Economy and State i and its complementary text i Power and Market i provides a sweeping presentation of Austrian economic theory a reconstruction of many aspects of that theory a rigorous criticism of alternative schools and an inspiring look at a science of liberty that concerns nearly everything and should concern everyone p The Mises Institute s new edition of i Man Economy and State i united for the first time with its formerly sundered companion volume i Power and Market i is a landmark in the history of the Institute It takes this book out of the category of underground classic and raises it up to its proper status as one of the great economic treatises of all time a book that is essential for anyone seeking a robust economic education The revealing new introduction by Joseph Stromberg uses material from the Rothbard Archives including his personal notes during the research and writing phases to reconstruct the intellectual setting in which the book was written and its initial and widening impact p p For years the Mises Institute has kept it in print and sold thousands of copies in a nice paperback version Now in our twentieth year we decided to take a big step and put out an edition worthy of this great treatise It is the Scholar s Edition of i Man Economy and State i an edition that will immediately become definitive and used throughout the world The footnotes which are so brilliant and informative are at the bottom of every page The index is huge and comprehensive The binding is impeccable and its beauty unmatched p p Students have used this book for decades as the intellectual foil for what they have been required to learning from conventional economics classes In many ways it has built the Austrian school in the generation that followed Mises It was Rothbard who polished the Austrian contribution to theory and wove it together with a full scale philosophy of political ethics that inspired the generation of the Austrian revival and continues to fuel its growth and development today p p From Rothbard we learn that economics is the science that deals with the rise and fall of civilization the advancement and retrenchment of human development the feeding and healing of the multitudes and the question of whether human affairs are dominated by cooperation or violence p p Economics in Rothbard s wonderful book emerges as the beautiful logic of that underlies human action in a world of scarcity the lens on how exchange makes it possible for people to cooperate toward their mutual betterment We see how money facilitates this and allows for calculation over time that permits capital to expand and investment to take place We see how entrepreneurship based on real judgments and risk taking is the driving force of the market p p What s striking is how this remarkable book has lived in the shadows for so long It began as a guide to i Human Action i and it swelled into a treatise in its own right Rothbard worked many years on the book even as he was completing his PhD at Columbia University He realized better than anyone else that Mises s economic theories were so important that they needed restatement and interpretation But he also knew that Misesian theory needed elaboration expansion and application in a variety of areas The result was much more a rigorous but accessible defense of the whole theory of the market economy from its very foundations p p But the publisher decided to cut the last part of the book a part that appeared years later as i Power and Market i This is the section that applies the theory presented in the first pages to matters of government intervention Issue by issue the book refutes the case for taxation the welfare state regulation economic planning and all forms of socialism large and small It remains an incredibly fruitful assembly of vigorous argumentation an p


In the s B Traven wrote an epic of the birth of the Mexican revolution in what have become known as the Jungle Novels Government is the first of the six novels that comprise the series br br Depicting the political corruption that infected even the smallest villages in Mexico the novel tells the story of Don Gabriel a minor government functionary who has a virtual license to steal from the Indian village where he is secretary except that the Indians have nothing to steal By chance he finds an opportunity in the labor agent business shanghaiing luckless Indians into debt slavery so that he can ship them off to work in the great mahogany plantations owned by foreign capital The novel reaches a moving climax in a clash of cultures between the simple dignity of the illiterate Indians and the cynicism and corruption of the politicians and petty bureaucrats

Philippine History And Government

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Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory

Strictly off limits to the public Plum Island is home to virginal beaches cliffs forests ponds and the deadliest germs that have ever roamed the planet em Lab em blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island It shows that the seemingly bucolic island in the shadow of New York City is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore br br Based on declassified government documents in depth interviews and access to Plum Island itself this is an eye opening suspenseful account of a federal government germ laboratory gone terribly wrong For the first time em Lab em takes you deep inside this secret world and presents startling revelations on virus outbreaks biological meltdowns infected workers the periodic flushing of contaminated raw sewage into area waters and the insidious connections between Plum Island Lyme disease and the deadly West Nile virus The book also probes what s in store for Plum Island s new owner the Department of Homeland Security in this age of bioterrorism br br em Lab em is a call to action for those concerned with protecting present and future generations from preventable biological catastrophes

Omnipotent Government

Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable high quality modern editions using the original text and artwork

Government in the Future

In this classic talk delivered at the Poetry Center New York on February Noam Chomsky articulates a clear uncompromising vision of social change Chomsky contrasts the classical liberal libertarian socialist state socialist and state capitalist world views and then defends a libertarian socialist vision as the proper and natural extension of classical liberalism into the era of advanced industrial society br In his stirring conclusion Chomsky argues We have today the technical and material resources to meet man s animal needs We have not developed the cultural and moral resources or the democratic forms of social organization that make possible the humane and rational use of our material wealth and power br Conceivably the classical liberal ideals as expressed and developed in their libertarian socialist form are achievable But if so only by a popular revolutionary movement rooted in wide strata of the population and committed to the elimination of repressive and authoritarian institutions state and private To create such a movement is a challenge we face and must meet if there is to be an escape from contemporary barbarism

The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government

An explosive headline making portrait of Allen Dulles the man who transformed the CIA into the most powerful and secretive colossus in Washington from the founder of Salon com and author of the New York Times bestseller Brothers br br America s greatest untold story the United States rise to world dominance under the guile of Allen Welsh Dulles the longest serving director of the CIA Drawing on revelatory new materials including newly discovered U S government documents U S and European intelligence sources the personal correspondence and journals of Allen Dulles s wife and mistress and exclusive interviews with the children of prominent CIA officials Talbot reveals the underside of one of America s most powerful and influential figures br br Dulles s decade as the director of the CIA which he used to further his public and private agendas were dark times in American politics Calling himself the secretary of state of unfriendly countries Dulles saw himself as above the elected law manipulating and subverting American presidents in the pursuit of his personal interests and those of the wealthy elite he counted as his friends and clients colluding with Nazi controlled cartels German war criminals and Mafiosi in the process Targeting foreign leaders for assassination and overthrowing nationalist governments not in line with his political aims Dulles employed those same tactics to further his goals at home Talbot charges offering shocking new evidence in the assassination of President John F Kennedy br br An expos of American power that is as disturbing as it is timely The Devil s Chessboard is a provocative and gripping story of the rise of the national security state and the battle for America s soul

UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record

An Air Force major approaches a brilliant UFO in his Phantom jet over Tehran He repeatedly attempts to fire on unusual objects heading toward his craft but his missile control is locked amp disabled Witnessed from the ground this dogfight becomes the subject of a secret report by the US Defense Intelligence Agency In Belgium an Air Force colonel investigates a series of widespread sightings of unidentified triangular objects He sends F s to attempt a closer look Thousands of eyewitnesses including on duty police file reports A photo of an unidentifiable craft is retrieved amp analyzed Here at home a retired chief of the FAA s Accidents amp Investigations Division reveals the agency s response to a minute encounter between an aircraft amp a gigantic UFO over Alaska which occurred during his watch amp is documented on radar Now all three of these notables have written sthand accounts about these incidents They are joined by Air Force generals amp a host of high level sources including Fife Symington III former Arizona governor amp Nick Pope former head of the British Defence Ministry s UFO Investigative Unit who have agreed to detail their UFO encounters amp investigations for the st time They re coming forward because of Leslie Kean an investigative reporter who s spent a decade studying the UFO phenomenon She reviewed hundreds of government documents aviation reports radar data amp case studies with corroborating physical evidence She carefully examined scientifically analyzed photos amp interviewed scores of high level officials amp aviation witnesses from around the world With the support of former White House chief of staff John Podesta she draws on her research to separate fact from fiction amp to lift the veil on decades of US government misinformation Throughout she presents irrefutable evidence that unknown flying objects metallic luminous amp able to maneuver in ways that defy physical law actually exist No one yet knows what they are even tho they affect aviation safety amp national security The phenomenon has been officially acknowledged by numerous foreign governments For such reasons she concludes that the UFO problem must be recognized amp solved thru an unbiased scientific investigation The material presented in this book is sobering moving us toward a goal of properly addressing this global mystery

The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution

i The House of Government i is unlike any other book about the Russian Revolution and the Soviet experiment Written in the tradition of Tolstoy s i War and Peace i Grossman s i Life and Fate i and Solzhenitsyn s i The Gulag Archipelago i Yuri Slezkine s gripping narrative tells the true story of the residents of an enormous Moscow apartment building where top Communist officials and their families lived before they were destroyed in Stalin s purges A vivid account of the personal and public lives of Bolshevik true believers the book begins with their conversion to Communism and ends with their children s loss of faith and the fall of the Soviet Union br br Completed in the House of Government later known as the House on the Embankment was located across the Moscow River from the Kremlin The largest residential building in Europe it combined furnished apartments with public spaces that included everything from a movie theater and a library to a tennis court and a shooting range Slezkine tells the chilling story of how the building s residents lived in their apartments and ruled the Soviet state until some eight hundred of them were evicted from the House and led one by one to prison or their deaths br br Drawing on letters diaries and interviews and featuring hundreds of rare photographs i The House of Government i weaves together biography literary criticism architectural history and fascinating new theories of revolutions millennial prophecies and reigns of terror The result is an unforgettable human saga of a building that like the Soviet Union itself became a haunted house forever disturbed by the ghosts of the disappeared

The Federalist: The Famous Papers on the Principles of American Government

The Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton James Madison amp John Jay defend what was in their day a revolutionary charter the Constitution of the United States of America The Federalist Papers explain the complexities of a constitutional government its political structure amp its principles based on the inherent rights of humans Scholars have long regarded this work as a milestone in political science amp a classic of American political theory br Editor s Introduction br Preface to the nd Edition br Preface to John Hopkins Edition br Papers br Acknowledgments br Annotative Appendix br Notes on Preface to nd Edition br Bibliographical Appendix st edition br Bibliographical Appendix nd edition br Selected bibliography br Index

Simpler: The Future of Government

b For nearly four years Cass R Sunstein bestselling author and President Obama s Regulatory Czar helped to oversee a revolution in better government He explains how and why and what comes next b The future of government arrived four years ago Government became simpler it became smarter and Cass Sunstein was at the center of it all Drawing on state of the art work in behavioral psychology and economics Sunstein as administrator of the powerful White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs OIRA quietly helped save the nation billions of dollars while preventing thousands of deaths and countless illnesses and accidents All this was accomplished in part through the extraordinary power of nudges low cost seemingly modest policies that preserve freedom of choice In combination with smart disciplined cost benefit analysis nudges are simplifying government and making it far more effective br br Twenty first century insights now inform simplified mortgage and student loan applications the labeling of food and energy efficient cars financial reform and health care reform New principles democratizing data presenting individuals and businesses with the most salient information ensuring that the better outcome is the automatic outcome are transforming government Countless regulations are being streamlined or eliminated Transparent review of which rules are working and which aren t is becoming the norm Citing numerous examples from his years in the first term of the Obama Administration and projecting forward into a data driven future i Simpler i provides a new understanding of how government can work

No, They Can't: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed

b i New York Times i bestselling journalist John Stossel shows how the expansion of government control is destructive for American society b Emmy Award winning journalist John Stossel is a self proclaimed skeptic attacking society s sacred cows Now he dismantles the most sacred of them all the notion that government action is the best way to solve a problem From the myth that government can spend its way out of a crisis to the mistaken belief that labor unions protect workers Stossel a true libertarian provides evidence that the reality is very different from what intuition tells us His evidence leads to the taboo conclusions that Government i already i dominates health care and that s the problem The state keeps banning foods but food bans don t make us healthier Government run schools and teachers unions haven t made kids smarterUtilizing his three decades in journalism Stossel combines sharp insights common sense and documented facts to debunk conventional wisdom and challenge popular opinion about the role of our nation s government

Common Sense (Annotated): The Origin and Design of Government

Throughout history some books have changed the world They have transformed the way we see ourselves and each other They have inspired debate dissent war and revolution They have enlightened outraged provoked and comforted They have enriched lives and destroyed them br br Published anonymously in six months before the Declaration of Independence Thomas Paine s Common Sense was a radical and impassioned call for America to free itself from British rule and set up an independent republican government br Savagely attacking hereditary kingship and aristocratic institutions Paine urged a new beginning for his adopted country in which personal freedom and social equality would be upheld and economic and cultural progress encouraged br br His pamphlet was the first to speak directly to a mass audience it went through fifty six editions within a year of publication and its assertive and often caustic style both embodied the democratic spirit he advocated and converted thousands of citizens to the cause of American independence