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The Book of Evidence pdf books
Title:The Book of Evidence
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The Evidence-Based Social Work Skills Book

The Evidence Based Social Work Skills Book

During the st Century social workers will increasingly use evidence based knowledge to plan implement and evaluate the quality of their own professional activities This book explores the skills needed for evidence based social work EBSW This book emphasizes the importance of applied practice critical thinking and self directed lifelong learning Readers will learn the fundamentals of the EBSW skills practice them to establish beginning proficiency and then apply them to a target client group of their choosing Social workers and anyone interested in practicing evidence based social work

Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence

Surgery Basic Science and Clinical Evidence

An up to the minute clinically oriented and encyclopedic textbook of general surgery for all surgical residents general surgeons and medical students Divided into eight sections the text brings together the emerging leaders in surgery to concisely present and synthesize the key issues in the different surgical disciplines Each chapter presents anatomy physiology and associated scientific development disease etiology and prevention appropriate diagnostic procedures treatment of benign and malignant disease and well illustrated technical discussion of how to do surgery Color coded tables summarize the evidence currently available for a wide variety of surgical treatment options The text is augmented by a specially comisioned art program with more than illustrations to clearly depict surgical techniques A CD ROM packaged with the text provides a hypertext link to PubMed for every reference invaluable for research

The Book of Evidence (The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy, #1)

The Book of Evidence The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy

Returning to Ireland to reclaim a painting that is part of his patrimony a thirty eight year old man commits a ghastly and motiveless murder which he confesses in a novel length narrative

Science Rules: A Historical Introduction to Scientific Methods

Science Rules A Historical Introduction to Scientific Methods

Is there a universal set of rules for discovering and testing scientific hypotheses Since the birth of modern science philosophers scientists and other thinkers have wrestled with this fundamental question of scientific practice Efforts to devise rigorous methods for obtaining scientific knowledge include the twenty one rules Descartes proposed in his i Rules for the Direction of the Mind i and the four rules of reasoning that begin the third book of Newton s i Principia i and continue today in debates over the very possibility of such rules Bringing together key primary sources spanning almost four centuries i Science Rules i introduces readers to scientific methods that have played a prominent role in the history of scientific practice br br Editor Peter Achinstein includes works by scientists and philosophers of science to offer a new perspective on the nature of scientific reasoning For each of the methods discussed he presents the original formulation of the method selections written by a proponent of the method together with an application to a particular scientific example and a critical analysis of the method that draws on historical and contemporary sources br br The methods included in this volume are Cartesian rationalism with an application to Descartes laws of motion Newton s inductivism and the law of gravity two versions of hypothetico deductivism those of William Whewell and Karl Popper and the nineteenth century wave theory of light Paul Feyerabend s principle of proliferation and Thomas Kuhn s views on scientific values both of which deny that there are universal rules of method with an application to Galileo s tower argument Included also is a famous nineteenth century debate about scientific reasoning between the hypothetico deductivist William Whewell and the inductivist John Stuart Mill and an account of the realism antirealism dispute about unobservables in science with a consideration of Perrin s argument for the existence of molecules in the early twentieth century

Evidence and Method: Scientific Strategies of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell

Evidence and Method Scientific Strategies of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell

What is meant by scientific evidence and how can a definition of this concept be applied in the sciences to determine whether observed facts constitute evidence that a given theory is true

Scientific Evidence: Philosophical Theories and Applications

Scientific Evidence Philosophical Theories and Applications

Physicists think they have discovered the top quark Biologists believe in evolution But what precisely constitutes evidence for such claims and why Scientists often disagree with one another over whether or to what extent some evidence counts in favor of a theory because they are operating with different concepts of scientific evidence These concepts need to be critically explored Peter Achinstein has gathered some prominent philosophers and historians of science for critical and lively discussions of both general questions about the meaning of evidence and specific ones about evidence for particular scientific theories br br Contributors Peter Achinstein The Johns Hopkins University Steven Gimbel Gettysburg College Gary Hatfield University of Pennsylvania Frederick M Kronz University of Texas Austin Helen Longino University of Minnesota Deborah G Mayo Virginia Tech Amy L McLaughlin Florida Atlantic University John Norton University of Pittsburgh Lawrence M Principe The Johns Hopkins University Richard Richards University of Alabama Alex Rosenberg Duke University Sherrilyn Roush Rice University Laura J Snyder St Johns University Kent Staley St Louis University

Scientific Methods: Conceptual and Historical Problems

Scientific Methods Conceptual and Historical Problems

Seven essays explore issues of scientific methodology in various episodes of science from Newtonian physics of the th and th century to quantum mechanics in the th Addressed to scholars of the history and philosophy of science but also accessible to general readers Annotation copyright Book

Evidence, Explanation, and Realism: Essays in Philosophy of Science

Evidence Explanation and Realism Essays in Philosophy of Science

The essays in this volume address three fundamental questions in the philosophy of science What is required for some fact to be evidence for a scientific hypothesis What does it mean to say that a scientist or a theory explains a phenomenon Should scientific theories that postulate unobservable entities such as electrons be construed realistically as aiming to correctly describe a world underlying what is directly observable or should such theories be understood as aiming to correctly describe only the observable world

Particles and Waves: Historical Essays in the Philosophy of Science

Particles and Waves Historical Essays in the Philosophy of Science

This volume contains six published and two new essays focusing on philosophical problems surrounding the postulation of unobservable entities such as light waves molecules and electrons

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What is required for something to be evidence for a hypothesis br br In this fascinating elegantly written work distinguished philosopher of science Peter Achinstein explores this question rejecting typical philosophical and statistical theories of evidence He claims these theories are much too weak to give scientists what they want a good reason to believe and in some cases they furnish concepts that mistakenly make all evidential claims a priori br br Achinstein introduces four concepts of evidence defines three of them by reference to potential evidence and characterizes the latter using a novel epistemic interpretation of probability The resulting theory is then applied to philosophical and historical issues Solutions are provided to the grue ravens lottery and old evidence paradoxes and to a series of questions These include whether explanations or predictions furnish more evidential weight whether individual hypotheses or entire theoretical systems can receive evidential support what counts as a scientific discovery and what sort of evidence is required for it The historical questions include whether Jean Perrin had non circular evidence for the existence of molecules what type of evidence J J Thomson offered for the existence of the electron and whether as is usually supposed he really discovered the electron Achinstein proposes answers in terms of the concepts of evidence introduced br br As the premier book in the fabulous new series Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science this volume is essential for philosophers of science and historians of science as well as for statisticians scientists with philosophical interests and anyone curious about scientific reasoning The Book of Evidence books by Peter Achinstein

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