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Title:Alex Rider 5- Scorpia (Aventure) (French Edition)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Anthony Horowitz, Annick Le Goyat
Publisher:Hachette Romans
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:
Category:Young adult, Adventure, Fiction, Action, Espionage

Alex Rider 5- Scorpia (Aventure) (French Edition) by Anthony Horowitz, Annick Le Goyat

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Alex Rider 5- Scorpia (Aventure) (French Edition) Toujours sous le choc de la d couverte qu il a faite propos de son p re Alex est d termin en savoir plus Il voyage jusqu en Italie o il s arrange pour infiltrer l univers de la belle Claudia Rothman membre active de l organisation criminelle Scorpia

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider, #1)

They told him his uncle died in an accident He wasn t wearing his seatbelt they said But when fourteen year old Alex finds his uncle s windshield riddled with bullet holes he knows it was no accident What he doesn t know yet is that his uncle was killed while on a top secret mission But he is about to and once he does there is no turning back Finding himself in the middle of terrorists Alex must outsmart the people who want him dead The government has given him the technology but only he can provide the courage Should he fail every child in England will be murdered in cold blood

Scorpia (Alex Rider, #5)

Alex Rider teen spy has always been told he is the spitting image of the father he never knew But when Alex learns that his father may have been an assassin for the most lethal and powerful terrorist organization in the world Scorpia his world shatters Now Scorpia wants Alex on their side and Alex no longer has the strength to fight them That is until he learns of Scorpia s latest plot an operation known only as Invisible Sword that will result in the death of thousands of people Can Alex prevent the slaughter or will Scorpia prove once and for all that the terror will not be stopped

Point Blank (Alex Rider, #2)

MI assigns Alex Rider undercover at an elite prep school for teen rebels after two fathers are assassinated Principal Dr Grief and vicious cigar smoking Mrs Stellenbosch are the only teachers All the students act studious perfect and identical When Alex finds the plot the villains find him and the mountain peak has only a black ski run escape

Eagle Strike (Alex Rider, #4)

Sir Damian Cray is a philanthropist peace activist and the world s most famous pop star But still it s not enough He needs more if he is to save the world Trouble is only Alex Rider recognizes that it s the world that needs saving from Sir Damian Cray Underneath the luster of glamour and fame lies a twisted mind ready to sacrifice the world for his beliefs But in the past Alex has always had the backing of the government This time he s on his own Can one teenager convince the world that the most popular man on earth is a madman bent on destruction before time runs out

Skeleton Key (Alex Rider, #3)

Alex Rider has been through a lot for his fourteen years He s been shot at by international terrorists chased down a mountainside on a makeshift snowboard and has stood face to face with pure evil Twice young Alex has managed to save the world And twice he has almost been killed doing it But now Alex faces something even more dangerous The desperation of a man who has lost everything he cared for his country and his only son A man who just happens to have a nuclear weapon and a serious grudge against the free world To see his beloved Russia once again be a dominant power he will stop at nothing Unless Alex can stop him first Uniting forces with America s own CIA for the first time teen spy Alex Rider battles terror from the sun baked beaches of Miami all the way to the barren ice fields of northernmost Russia Come along for the thrilling ride of a lifetime

Ark Angel (Alex Rider, #6)

The sniper s bullet nearly killed him But Alex Rider managed to survive just in time for more trouble to come his way When kidnappers attempt to snatch a fellow patient from the exclusive hospital where Alex is recovering he knows he has to stop him But the boy he saves is no ordinary patient He is the son of Nikolai Drevin one of the richest men in the world The eccentric billionaire has been targeted by Force Three a group of eco terrorists who claim his project Ark Angel the first luxury hotel in outer space is a danger to the environment Soon Alex discovers that Force Three will stop at nothing to destroy Ark Angel even if it means sending four hundred tons of molten glass and steel hurtling down to Earth and killing millions unless Alex can stop them

Snakehead (Alex Rider, #7)

No sooner has Alex splashed down off the coast of Australia than he finds himself sucked into another adventure This time he s working for ASIS the Australian Secret Service and his target is the criminal underworld of South East Asia the ruthless world of the Snakehead

Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider, #9)

Scorpia has dogged Alex Rider for most of his life They killed his parents they did their best to con Alex into turning traitor and they just keep coming back with more power Now the world s most dangerous terrorist organization is playing with fire in the world s most combustible land the Middle East No one knows Scorpia like Alex And no one knows how best to get to Alex like Scorpia Until now br br The chases have never been more intense the fights more treacherous or the risks so perilous to mankind And this time Alex won t get away br br Watch a Video

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider, #8)

It s just another day in the life of an average kid If you re Alex Rider that is A con artist has realized there is big money in charity the bigger the disaster the greater the money flow So that is what he will produce the biggest disaster known to man all thanks to genetically modified corn that can release a virus so potent it can knock out an entire country in one windy day But Alex Rider will face whatever it takes gunfire explosions hand to hand combat with mercenaries to bring down his most dangerous adversary yet br br Often imitated never equaled the series that triggered a reading phenomenon is back exhilarating and addictive as ever br br

The House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes, #1)

London B Baker Street A fine art dealer named Edmund Carstairs visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson to beg for their help He is being menaced by a strange man in a flat cap a wanted criminal who seems to have followed him all the way from America In the days that follow his home is robbed his family is threatened And then the first murder takes place br br THE HOUSE OF SILK brings Sherlock Holmes back with all the nuance pacing and almost superhuman powers of analysis and deduction that made him the world s greatest detective in a case depicting events too shocking too monstrous to ever appear in print

Eagle Strike (Alex Rider, #4), Snakehead (Alex Rider, #7), Ark Angel (Alex Rider, #6), Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider, #8), Scorpia (Alex Rider, #5), Point Blank (Alex Rider, #2), Stormbreaker (Alex Rider, #1), Skeleton Key (Alex Rider, #3), Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider, #9), The House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes, #1)