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Spiritualité by Blaise Pascal

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Blaise Pascal the precociously brilliant contemporary of Descartes was a gifted mathematician and physicist but it is his unfinished apologia for the Christian religion upon which his reputation now rests The Pense s is a collection of philosohical fragments notes and essays in which Pascal explores the contradictions of human nature in pscyhological social metaphysical and above all theological terms Mankind emerges from Pascal s analysis as a wretched and desolate creature within an impersonal universe but who can be transformed through faith in God s grace

Human Happiness

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The Provincial Letters

These Letters written in defense of his Jansenist friends exposes and ridicules the doctrines of the Jesuits Pascal does a wonderful job of being humorous while still making a valid point br Please Note This book is easy to read in true text not scanned images that can sometimes be difficult to decipher

The Mind on Fire: A Faith for the Skeptical and Indifferent

Blaise Pascal the remarkable seventeenth century mathematician physicist and religious thinker rigorously refutes the belief that to become a Christian you must first commit intellectual suicide He wrote to communicate the Christian faith to the skeptical to the indifferent to the hostile Many regard him as the greatest of French prose writers After his conversion at the age of thirty one Pascal records how his mind blazed with the burning conviction of being overwhelmed with light For many years he had examined God merely as a series of concepts Now he stood before God s presence and the reality of God Himself the same God who had appeared to Abraham Isaac and Jacob It was this that now gave him joy joy joy tears of joy The Mind on Fire contains Pascals Pensees a systematic and uncompromising defense of Christian belief along with selections from his Letters to a Provincial his own description of his conversion and a prayer for the proper use of pain in his life Dr James M Houston editor of the Classics of Faith and Devotion series is a highly acclaimed scholar and pioneer in the field of evangelical spirituality He came to North America from England in to lead Regent College in Vancouver Canada a worldwide center of spiritual formation

Selections from the Thoughts

Included in this volume are fourteen of the fragments intended for Pascal s Jansenist inspired defense of the Christian religion Using the Chevalier edition these are grouped to present a logical development of three themes The State of Man in Ignorance of God The Wager and The Christian Life This translation closely follows the French text cross referenced with the paragraph numbers of the Brunschvicg edition and does not conceal the fragmentary style of the original Translated and edited by Arthur H Beattie this volume also contains an introduction a list of principal dates in the life of Pascal and a bibliography

Foundations of the Christian Religion (Foundations of Faith)

In the past few hundred years some great Christian thinkers pioneers radicals and visionaries have penned works of literature that continue to influence Christians today Rediscover the cornerstone of the Christian faith with this classic work from one of the most influential Christian thought leaders

Pensees and the Provincial Letters

The Lettres provinciales Provincial letters are letters written by French philosopher amp theologian Blaise Pascal under the pseudonym Louis de Montalte Written in the midst of the formulary controversy between the Jansenists amp the Jesuits they are a defense of the Jansenist Antoine Arnauld from Port Royal des Champs a friend of Pascal who in was condemned by the Faculte de The ologie at the Sorbonne in Paris for views that were claimed to be heretical The st letter is dated amp the th There s a fragmentary th letter br Intended as a systematic amp coherent defense of the Christian faith Pascal s Thoughts Pense es were assembled after his death from the scattered amp unfinished writings he d been working on Among other things the author advances a proposition now known as Pascal s Wager the idea that a rational person should behave as tho God exists

Discours sur les passions de l'amour

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De l'art de persuader

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Thoughts, Letters and Minor Works (Harvard Classics, Part 48)

Contents Thoughts on Mind and Style The Misery of Man Without God Of the Necessity of the Wager Of the Means of Belief Justice and the Reason of Effects The Philosophers Morality and Doctrine Fundamentals of the Christian Religion Perpetuity Typology Prophecies Proofs of Jesus Christ The Miracles Various Letters Minor Works Epitaph of M Pascal Prayer Comparison Between Christians of Early Times and Those of Today Discourses on the Condition of the Great On the Conversion of the Sinner Conversation on Epictetus and Montaigne Art of Persuasion Discourse on the Passion of Love Of the Geometrical Sprit Preface to the Treatise on Vacuum New Fragment of the Treatise on Vacuum

Thoughts, Letters and Minor Works (Harvard Classics, Part 48), De l'art de persuader, Human Happiness, Discours sur les passions de l'amour, Pensees and the Provincial Letters, Pensées, The Provincial Letters, Selections from the Thoughts, Foundations of the Christian Religion (Foundations of Faith), The Mind on Fire: A Faith for the Skeptical and Indifferent