Biology as Ideology: The Doctrine of DNA

Following in the fashion of Stephen Jay Gould and Peter Medawar one of the world s leading scientists examines how pure science is in fact shaped and guided by social and political needs and assumptions

The Triple Helix: Gene, Organism, and Environment

One of our most brilliant evolutionary biologists b Richard Lewontin b has also been a leading critic of those scientists and non scientists alike who would misuse the science to which he has contributed so much In i The Triple Helix i Lewontin the scientist and Lewontin the critic come together to provide a concise accessible account of what his work has taught him about biology and about its relevance to human affairs In the process he exposes some of the common and troubling misconceptions that misdirect and stall our understanding of biology and evolution The central message of this book is that we will never fully understand living things if we continue to think of genes organisms and environments as separate entities each with its distinct role to play in the history and operation of organic processes Here Lewontin shows that an organism is a unique consequence of both genes and environment of both internal and external features Rejecting the notion that genes determine the organism which then adapts to the environment he explains that organisms influenced in their development by their circumstances in turn create modify and choose the environment in which they live i The Triple Helix i is vintage Lewontin brilliant eloquent passionate and deeply critical But it is neither a manifesto for a radical new methodology nor a brief for a new theory It is instead a primer on the complexity of biological processes a reminder to all of us that living things are never as simple as they may seem

Not in Our Genes: Biology, Ideology and Human Nature

Three eminent scientists analyze the scientific social and political roots of biological determinism

It Ain't Necessarily So: The Dream of the Human Genome and Other Illusions

It Ain t Necessarily So combines sharp criticism of scientific claims with lucid expositions of the state of current scientific knowledge Among the subjects discussed are heredity natural selection and genetic determinism

Biology Under the Influence: Dialectical Essays on Ecology, Agriculture, and Health

How do we understand the world While some look to the heavens for intelligent design others argue that it is determined by information encoded in DNA Science serves as an important activity for uncovering the processes and operations of nature but it is also immersed in a social context where ideology influences the questions we ask and how we approach the material world b Biology Under the Influence Dialectical Essays on the Coevolution of Nature and Society b breaks from the confirms of determinism offering a dialectical analysis for comprehending a dynamic social and natural world br br In b Biology Under the Influence b Richard Lewontin and Richard Levins provide a devastating critique of genetic determinism and reductionism within science while exploring a broad range of issues including the nature of science biology evolution the environment pubic health and dialectics They dismantle the ideology that attempts to naturalize social inequalities unveil the alienation of science and nature and illustrate how a dialectical position serves as a basis for grappling with historical developments and a world characterized by change b Biology Under the Influence b brings together the illuminating essays of two prominent scientists who work to demystify and empower the public s understanding of science and nature

Human Diversity

This text asks the question are our personalities and capabilities predetermined by our genes Using tools of population genetics it argues that biological differences are a small part of what makes individuals unique

The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change

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Glendale Cc Lodish Pack Molecular Cell Biology 4e & Cdr & Mod Gen Analysis 2e

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I pennacchi di San Marco e il paradigma di Pangloss. Critica del programma adattazionista

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Introduction to Genetic Analysis

The author team welcomes a new coauthor Sean B Carroll a recognized leader in the field of evolutionary development to this new edition of i Introduction to Genetic Analysis IGA i The authors ambitious new plans for this edition focus on showing how genetics is practiced today In particular the new edition renews its emphasis on how genetic analysis can be a powerful tool for answering biological questions of all types br