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Hidden Dangers: The Environmental Consequences of Preparing for War

Essays analyze the environmental economic and psychological impact of the nation s nuclear weapons program

The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment

In humanity s more than year history we have evolved from vulnerable creatures clawing sustenance from Earth to a sophisticated global society manipulating every inch of it In short we have become the dominant animal Why then are we creating a world that threatens our own species What can we do to change the current trajectory toward more climate change increased famine and epidemic disease br br Renowned Stanford scientists Paul R Ehrlich and Anne H Ehrlich believe that intelligently addressing those questions depends on a clear understanding of how we evolved and how and why we re changing the planet in ways that darken our descendants future The Dominant Animal arms readers with that knowledge tracing the interplay between environmental change and genetic and cultural evolution since the dawn of humanity In lucid and engaging prose they describe how Homo sapiens adapted to their surroundings eventually developing the vibrant cultures vast scientific knowledge and technological wizardry we know today br br But the Ehrlichs also explore the flip side of this triumphant story of innovation and conquest As we clear forests to raise crops and build cities lace the continents with highways and create chemicals never before seen in nature we may be undermining our own supremacy The threats of environmental damage are clear from the daily headlines but the outcome is far from destined Humanity can again adapt if we learn from our evolutionary past br br Those lessons are crystallized in The Dominant Animal Tackling the fundamental challenge of the human predicament Paul and Anne Ehrlich offer a vivid and unique exploration of our origins our evolution and our future

The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals

This book shows us the face of Earth s sixth great mass extinction revealing that this century is a time of darkness for the world s birds and mammals In The Annihilation of Nature three of today s most distinguished conservationists tell the stories of the birds and mammals we have lost and those that are now on the road to extinction These tragic tales coupled with eighty three color photographs from the world s leading nature photographers display the beauty and biodiversity that humans are squandering br br Gerardo Ceballos Anne H Ehrlich and Paul R Ehrlich serve as witnesses in this trial of human neglect where the charge is the massive and escalating assault on living things Nature is being annihilated not only because of the human population explosion but also as a result of massive commercial endeavors and public apathy Despite the well intentioned work of conservation organizations and governments the authors warn us that not enough is being done and time is short for the most vulnerable of the world s wild birds and mammals Thousands of populations have already disappeared other populations are dwindling daily and soon our descendants may live in a world containing but a minuscule fraction of the birds and mammals we know today br br The Annihilation of Nature is a clarion call for engagement and action These outspoken scientists urge everyone who cares about nature to become personally connected to the victims of our inadequate conservation efforts and demand that restoration replace destruction Only then will we have any hope of preventing the worst case scenario of the sixth mass extinction

The Stork and the Plow: The Equity Answer to the Human Dilemma

In this provocative book the authors look at the interaction between population and food supply and offer a powerful and radical strategy for balancing human numbers with nutritional needs Their proposals include improving the status of women reducing racism and religious prejudice reforming the agricultural system and shrinking the growing gap between rich and poor br br This ambitious enlightened handbook is a cornucopia of strategies and ideas for concerned citizens and policymakers i Publishers Weekly i br br Give equal education and power to women throughout the world argue the authors when that happens birth rates fall and food supplies go up i San Francisco Chronicle i Best Bets of br br The book can help us understand the past and possible future of the meals most Westerners take for granted Bill McKibben i New York Review of Books i br br A well reasoned account of how poverty forces unsustainable use of natural resources a careful and balanced treatment of developments in agriculture that may help food production to stay ahead of population growth Basia Zaba i Nature i br br This generation faces a set of challenges unprecedented in their scope and severity and in the shortness of time left to resolve them i The Stork and the Plow i sets i i these out thoughtfully and accurately We can all hope this urgent message is carefully heeded Henry W Kendall Nobel laureate and Julius A Stratton Professor of Physics MIT br br A wonderful piece of work Partha Dasgupta i American Scientist i

Healing The Planet: Strategies For Resolving The Environmental Crisis

Paul Ehrlich s The Population Bomb served notice on the ecological dangers of overpopulation Now he and Anne Ehrlich survey all of the interconnected problems that the earth faces and then offer real alternatives to worldwide devastation

One With Nineveh: Politics, Consumption, and the Human Future

Climate Peril: The Intelligent Reader's Guide to Understanding the Climate Crisis

In an easily accessible work of enormous scope and depth John J Berger vividly evokes the looming hazards of a warmer world Based on the latest climate science Climate Peril reveals that the impacts of climate change on our health economy and environment are far worse and more imminent than many realize The book identifies the obstacles to climate protection and shows why steep and unprecedented yet affordable cuts in greenhouse gases are needed now to avert a global climate catastrophe Climate Peril portrays the radically altered world we will create in A D if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced and documents the rapid and unnatural climate change already taking place The book explores all major consequences of climate change especially its astonishing impacts on the economy human health other species and the oceans Among other awesome risks Climate Peril describes the billions of tons of carbon lurking in ocean seabeds and thawing permafrost and the global danger of crossing an invisible threshold beyond which catastrophic climate changes become inevitable While its conclusions are alarming Climate Peril is above all a realistic and authoritative book that you can use to better understand how climate change may affect you and your family Climate Peril is the second of a three book series Volume Climate Myths focused on the political campaign waged against climate science and volume Climate Solutions forthcoming shows how to create a climate safe world by radically transforming global energy transportation and land use practices Early comments A brilliant book and one that might just change the world By far the best overview of climate science and its implications for our planet that I ve ever read Tim Flannery Chief Councilor Australian Climate Council and Author The Weather Makers I applaud Climate Peril for showing so clearly that climatic disruption is the consuming issue of our time and our response in the next few years will determine the fate of this civilization George M Woodwell Founder Director Emeritus and Senior Scientist Woods Hole Research Center Climate Peril is an excellent primer on the causes and effects of climate change which as John Berger notes imperils our very existence and that of all natural systems on which we depend Lester R Brown President Earth Policy Institute and Author of Full Planet Empty Plates Read Climate Peril and you will become well informed about what probably is the greatest threat ever faced by civilization Paul R Ehrlich and Anne H Ehrlich from the Introduction to Climate Peril Climate Peril lays the foundation for understanding the actions we must take to begin building a sustainable world for the future Highly recommended Peter H Raven President Emeritus Missouri Botanical Garden About the Author John J Berger Ph D writes about climate change from the perspective of an internationally respected energy and natural resources expert Trained in ecology Dr Berger has served as a consultant to government scientific academic and nonprofit organizations including the U S Congress and the National Academy of Sciences

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