Generalist Practice with Organizations & Communities

Now available in paperback format and thoroughly updated to reflect the latest CSWE ethical standards and current social work literature this hands on text offers a practical user friendly and comprehensive introduction to foundation macro practice Encouraging you to build on their one on one micro and group mezzo communication skills the authors outline a guided step by step plan for community and organizational change Two models Prepare and Imagine form the heart of the book providing valuable frameworks for effective macro social work practice A running case study illustrates these models in action The authors coverage of such skills as working with the media using new technological advances fundraising grant writing and working within court settings as well as lively vignettes and a wide variety of highlights that include hands on tips and sample forms will further enhance your expertise

Understanding Generalist Practice

Organized around the authors coherent and cohesive Generalist Intervention Model this introductory guide to generalist social work practice gives you the knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals and families as well as the foundation knowledge from a generalist perspective to work with groups communities and organizations The authors fully explore the interrelationship between micro mezzo and macro levels of social work practice This edition reflects the latest Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards with empowerment and strengths perspectives for partnering with clients

Human Behavior in the Macro Social Environment: An Empowerment Approach to Understanding Communities, Organizations, and Groups

Best selling author Karen Kirst Ashman introduces you to the ins and outs of human behavior in macro settings in HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE MACRO SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT AN EMPOWERMENT APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITIES ORGANIZATIONS AND GROUPS The text challenges you to think critically about how macro systems affect human behavior and ultimately the practice of social work Kirst Ashman focuses on empowerment highlighting the ways that communities organizations and groups promote positive change by building upon their strengths taking you straight to the heart of what social work is all about

Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives

Get a better grade with INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL WELFARE Designed to give you a solid introduction to the profession of social work this social work text helps you master the concepts and issues in social welfare that social workers address everyday Studying is made easy with the Book Companion Website that provides you with the opportunity to complete self assessments as well as pre and post tests for each chapter Case studies found throughout the text help you see the relevance of what you are learning to the real world

Human Behavior, Communities, Organizations, and Groups in the Macro Social Environment: An Empowerment Approach

This comprehensive book loaded with case studies offers a solid foundation for assessment of human behavior in macro settings Kirst Ashman offers the reader practical and concrete ways of thinking about how macro systems or task groups communities and organizations affect human behavior and how these influences have implications for macro social work practice The theme of empowerment or building on the strengths of communities organizations and groups to promote change lies at the heart of the profession s goals and central philosophies

Student Manual for Kirst-Ashman/Hull, Jr. S Understanding Generalist Practice, 4th

Prepared by Vicki Vogel The Student Manual contains detailed outlines of each chapter and is filled with classroom exercises and assignments

Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives--Student Manual

The student manual includes classroom exercises and assignments designed to coincide directly with the text content and can be used to help students integrate reading material Also contains detailed outlines of each chapter

Practice Behaviors Workbook for Kirst-Ashman's Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series: Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives, 4th

This innovative all new practice oriented workbook includes experiential learning exercises explicitly aligned to the practice behaviors recommended in the Council on Social Work Education s CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards EPAS The workbook encourages students to begin developing their skills with social work practice behaviors through case based exercises short answer ethical questions critical thinking questions and role play exercises in class or as activity assignments to be done outside of class Each exercise is linked to specific practice behaviors and each chapter is followed by an assessment rubric to be completed by the student a peer evaluator or their instructor to foster accountability

Student Manual for Kirst-Ashman/Hull S Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities, 4th

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Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Student Manual of Classroom Exercises and Study Guide

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