To what degree can anarchism be an effective organized movement Is it realistic to think of anarchist ideas ever forming the basis for social life itself These questions are widely being asked again today in response to the forces of economic globalization The framework for such discussions was perhaps given its most memorable shape however in George Woodcock s classic study of anarchism now widely recognized as the most significant twentieth century overview of the subject br br Woodcock surveys all of the major figures that shaped anarchist thought from Godwin and Proudhon to Bakunin Goldman and Kropotkin and looks as well at the long term prospects for anarchism and anarchist thought In Woodcock s view pure anarchism characterized by the loose and flexible affinity group which needs no formal organization was incompatible with mass movements that require stable organizations that are forced to make compromises in the face of changing circumstances and that need to maintain the allegiance of a wide range of supporters Yet Woodcock continued to cherish anarchist ideals as he said in a interview I think anarchism and its teachings of decentralization of the coordination of rural and industrial societies and of mutual aid as the foundation of any viable society have lessons that in the present are especially applicable to industrial societies br br This classic work of intellectual history and political theory first published in the s revised in is now available exclusively from UTP Higher Education br br

The Anarchist Reader

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The Crystal Spirit: A Study of George Orwell

i The Crystal Spirit i is a revealing look at the great writer and political thinker George Orwell whose visionary work gave us the great anti utopias of twentieth century literature A close friend and colleague during the last decade of that remarkable writer s life Woodcock was uniquely qualified to delve into the complex personal history of the man Interwoven with Woodcock s own memories the letters Orwell wrote to him and the published and unpublished recollections of other people who knew him all against the political and literary background of Orwell s work this groundbreaking intellectual biography is a general critique that brilliantly traces the evolution of an original writer in his most productive years First published in it was awarded Canada s highest literary prize the Governor General s Award for Literary Merit

The Anarchist Prince: A Biographical Study of Peter Kropotkin

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Anarquistas Vol. 1 - A Idéia

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Gabriel Dumont

The struggle of the M tis of the Saskatchewan River against the government of Canada culminated in the Riel Rebellion of an event of central importance in shaping almost all of the key polarities of Canadian history If Riel provided the intellectual inspiration for the Rebellion it was Gabriel Dumont who provided its strategy and arguably its soul Dumont a leading figure in the M tis society of hunters along the South Saskatchewan had been president of the short lived local government and became Adjutant General of the M tis people when a Provisional Government was declared in After the defeat of the Rebellion by the Canadian militia Dumont lived for several years in the United States and was for some time a performer in Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show In his last years he returned to his old home near Batoche site of the final defeat of the M tis forces in where he died in br br George Woodcock s biography of Dumont displays the author s remarkable gift for evocative narration and description In the wake of its publication Canadians had a new reference point in the way they thought of the Riel Rebellion alongside the spirituality and impulsiveness of Riel was the calm commitment of Dumont whose intuitive feel for the land and for the moods of his people have now become part of the Canadian historical imagination br br For this re issue of Woodcock s classic biography noted historian J R Miller has written a substantial introduction setting Gabriel Dumont in the context of Canadian history as we now understand it in the context of Canadian historiography and in the context of Woodcock s other work As Miller convincingly argues the biography is richly deserving of a lasting place in Canada s historical literature br br b Academics please note b that this is a title classified as having a restricted allocation of complimentary copies Restricted titles remain available to adopters and to academics very likely to adopt in the coming semester When adoption possibilities are less strong and or further in the future academics are requested to purchase the title with the proviso that UTP Higher Education will happily refund the purchase price if the bookis indeed adopted

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: A Biography

The first full scale English language biography of the prominent th century social thinker and father of anarchism Woodcock makes a very good case for the consistency of Proudhon s teaching i New York Times i Essential reading for a true appreciation of economic history and thought i Small Press i

Aphra Behn: The English Sappho

All women together ought to let flowers fall on the tomb of Aphra Behn for it was she who earned them the right to speak their minds Virginia Woolf A valuable introduction to this remarkable woman who was a pioneer feminist free spirit liberated woman and professional writer during the Restoration i Ottawa Citizen i


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Anarquistas Vol. 2 - O Movimento

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