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Churchill by Clive Ponting

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A Green History of the World: The Environment & the Collapse of Great Civilizations

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World History: A New Perspective

A chronological history of the world which begins with hunting and gathering and continues with the most fundamental transition in the whole of human history the adoption of farming and the settled communities it produced It then examines the beginning of civilisation in the Americas and the Pacific before their first contact with Europeans Eurasia dominates the central part of the book with the empires of China and the Mongols and the rise of Islam This is followed by a section on world balance after Europeans had made contact with the long established societies of the Americas and Asians while the last part deals with the massive economic changes of the modern world Themes include contact between different cultures and how history interlocks the passing on of ideas technology and religions how civilisation spread the relationship between settled societies and nomadic groups the importance of trade how Europe moved from the periphery to the centre in the last years and the coming of industrialisation

1940: Myth and Reality

Britain s Finest Hour revealed as a muddle of ineptitude and propaganda Thoroughly researched and well written Clive Ponting s book stands just about every preconceived notion concerning Britain s role in World War II on its head William L O Neill

The Crimean War: The Truth Behind the Myth

The Crimean War is full of resonance not least the Charge of the Light Brigade the Siege of Sevastopol and Florence Nightingale at Scutari with her lamp In this fascinating book Clive Ponting separates the myths from the reality and tells the true story of the heroism of the ordinary soldiers often through eye witness accounts of the men who fought and those who survived the terrible winter of br br To contemporaries it was The Great War with Russia fought not only in the Black Sea and the Crimea but in the Baltic the Arctic the Pacific and the Caucasus Ironically Britain s allies were France her traditional enemy ably commanded from home by Napoleon III himself and the Muslim Ottoman Empire widely seen as an infidel corrupt power It was the first of the modern wars using rifles artillery trench systems steam battleships telegraph and railways yet the British soldiers wore their old highly coloured uniforms and took part in their last cavalry charge in Europe There were over casualties br br Britain was unable fully to deploy her greatest strength her Navy while her Army was led by incompetent aristocrats The views of ordinary soldiers about Raglan Cardigan and Lucan make painful reading


This revisionist examination of WWII covers its huge subject by categories amp debunks many of the convenient myths that have grown up about the conflict using irrefutable statistics amp facts garnered from a wide variety of sources maps br Preface br Maps br Chronology br Origins br Neutrals br Allies br Mobilization br Strategy br Technology br Combat br Civilians br Occupation br Liberation br Aftermath br Armageddon br Guide to Further Reading br Index

Thirteen Days: Diplomacy and Disaster - The Countdown to the Great War

At the end of WWI Germany was demonised The Treaty of Versailles contained a war guilt clause pinning the blame on the aggression of Germany and accusing her of supreme offence against international morality i Thirteen Days i rejects this verdict Clive Ponting has made a thorough study of the incredibly complex diplomatic documents His interpretation also rejects the thesis that Europe in had reached such a boiling point that war was bound to erupt and the theory that the origins of the War lay in a mighty arms race He argues that the War occurred primarily because of the situation in the Balkans while he gives full weight to Austria Hungary s desire to cripple Serbia instead of negotiating and to Russia s militaristic programme of expansion br br br br br br Clive Ponting begins with a dramatic recreation of the assassination in Sarajevo on June He then examines how things spiralled out of control during the weeks that led to war The tension builds as his story criss crosses the capital cities of Europe and describes developments day by day and latterly hour by hour br br br br br br The First World War destroyed the old Europe During four years of fighting nearly nine million soldiers were killed and twenty one million wounded over ten million civilians died By the end of the War three great European empires Germany Austria Hungary and Russia had disintegrated Why did the War happen In the states of Europe had been at peace for forty years and every diplomatic dispute had been resolved peacefully br br br br br br i Thirteen Days i describes failures of communication fateful decisions and escalating military moves it is an extraordinary narrative of personalities and diplomacy in the dying weeks of an era in which telephone networks were in their infancy and governments relied on telegrams in code and face to face meetings of ambassadors


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Gunpowder: An Explosive History

s t From the Alchemists of China to the Battlefields of Europe

The Right to Know: The Inside Story of the Belgrano Affair

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The Twentieth Century: A World History

For some the twentieth century is seen as a big budget disaster film the stifling darkness of oppression the greed of the ruling classes For the world s elite the near universal adoption of capitalism today reveals history as a narrative of unbroken progress Avoiding conventional chronological accounts The Twentieth Century is organized around the major themes of the last hundred years To help us understand our recent past and probable future Clive Ponting offers a world systems theory A few core states have dominated much of the rest of the world which provides raw materials and cheap labor and remains tied to the core as virtual colonial territory Between these extremes are Latin America the Middle East and eastern Asia whose people have only a limited shot at self determination as economic social and political differences between the core and periphery continue to grow br br The book s central theme revolves around the struggle between progress and barbarism the hope for our future is that our conscience will catch up with our reason On the eve of the millennium this vivid history of the century is a must read

Gunpowder: An Explosive History, Armageddon, World History: A New Perspective, Churchill, 1940: Myth and Reality, The Right to Know: The Inside Story of the Belgrano Affair, The Twentieth Century: A World History, A Green History of the World: The Environment & the Collapse of Great Civilizations, The Crimean War: The Truth Behind the Myth, Thirteen Days: Diplomacy and Disaster - The Countdown to the Great War